What we are

It is completed with challenging, planned and trendy technology.

We are fixel.

fixel software is a company founded by a group of professionals with more than 6 years experience in the development and operation of Cloud based Server Services.

Based on the know-how of Samsung SmartTV Service, which has been providing global services to over 220 countries in the world through Amazon Web Service since early 2012, which is unfamiliar with Cloud, we provide Full Stack service through HTML5 based web service and Android/iOS Application development/operation.

As a result, it has established itself as a leading company capable of implementing and running DevOps,one of the hottest trends in the current IT environment.

We are confident that our customer's evaluation of 'fixel = Expert group'.

We will continue to research and challenge without hesitation.


fixel software is a solid and technologically advanced company founded on the rich and various experience of team members who have the know-how to develop and operate the Global Server Service over a long time.

2016. 04

Established company

Launched MBC+/NeowizPlayStudio 'Idol Champ' Android App

  • Development/operation of AWS Cloud based Server Service(~ Now)
  • Development/operation of Android App(~ Now)

NeowizPlayStudio 'PlayDonut' Android App

  • Development/operation of AWS Cloud based Server Service(~ 2017. 03)
  • Development/operation of Android App(~ 2017. 03)


Launched MBC+/NeowizPlayStudio 'Idol Champ' iOS App

  • Development/operation of iOS App(~ Now)


Participated in the development of Rsupport & Woori Bank


Established fixel software technology laboratory

Certified as a venture company by technology guarantee fund

ETRI Docker Platform technical support


Developed Golden Beach Golf Resort web booking system

'Idol Champ' Awarded the best Smart Service Award in information services in 2016

2017. 01

Docker Container translator publishing(CTO Chunghee Lee Technical supervisor)


Launched Kumho Construction 'Mobile repair maintenance resident/partner companies' Hybrid App

  • Developed Server Service using OpenAPI
  • Developed Android/iOS Hybrid App

Launched NeowizPlayStudio 'Selfie'(Global version)

  • Development/operation of AWS Cloud based Server Service(~ Now)
  • Development/operation of Android App(~ Now)


'Web design and development occupation in Chungnam province functional tournament' Appointed as representative of CEO Sungmoo Kang


Developed SEMES AutoCAD analysis(Semiconductor equipment flow analysis) system

  • WinForm based CS Program


Developed Hanwha Construction inspection system of responsive WebApp

  • Developed Android/iOS Hybrid App

Hanwha Construction HR System Renewal

  • Web standard application based on HTML5 Web and Server Service

2018. 01

Developed SEMES Semiconductor Facility Log Big-Data Collection / Analysis System


REFINE B2B system development

  • AWS Cloud, html5, OpenAPI, OTP


Maintained golf course computer system maintenance and credit card (IC) module development in Ocean Hills, KOSCA

  • Integrated management of Ocean Hills 3 golf courses, maintenance of 12 golf courses including Ferum Club, Blue Heron, KOSCA CC
  • NICE, First Data, KS-NET, etc. Daemon module credit card payment service development
  • Developed credit card payment service for other CAT terminal


Development of REFINE registration post-verification system

  • AWS Cloud, html5, Vue.js, OpenAPI, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Spring MVC


Developed Mobile App for Henan City Library

  • Developed Android/iOS Hybrid App


Porters(Japan) HRBC system development and operation

2019. 03

Porters(Japan) IMEX system development and operation

2020. 05

Samsung Benest Golf Course online integrated payment and mobile receipt development


Voice Caddy APL (Auto pin location) operation site development


OrangeDunes YeongJong Golf Club New ERP system establishment and ECO-Front development


Golf Samsung Non-face-to-face unmanned system development
(S-Front) and tablet order system development


Golf Samsung GPS game control system development

  • Anseong Benest applied in September
  • Dongrae Benest applied in December

Business area

fixel software has been providing high-quality total solution SW, ranging from Back-end Server Service to Front-end Mobile App, Web Service Platform and application program, to customers based on accumulated technology of employees composed of teams that have performed global service in cloud environment for many years.

Technology development

Cloud Infrastructure
Server Service Platform
Mobile/Web/PC Application
Big Data collect/analysis Platform


Cloud Infrastructure Consulting
Server Service Platform Consulting
Mobile/Web/PC Application Consulting
Big Data collect/analysis Consulting


Cloud Infrastructure Operation Support
Server Service Platform Operation Support
Mobile/Web/PC Application Operation Support
Golf Management Operation Support

R & D

Full Package Development Support
Next-generation technology Development
Technical Support


fixel software is a software company that can provide total solutions to its customers by having the ability to develop Server that are serviced in various cloud environments and related Platforms, and to develop iOS, Android, Hybrid, Web, and PC Applications.


Cloud Computing
Storage, Database, NoSQL
Virtual Network
Serverless Architecture
Migration, Monitoring


Mobile Web


Rest API
Web Standard


Window Application


fixel software value the time we work with our customers.
We suggests future challenges for continuous business growth and suggest ways to accomplish them successfully.

Meet our team

Tomorrow's more fixel software.

Sungmoo Kang
Chunghee Lee
Taeha Woo
Miyeon Han
Team Leader
Jaehee Han
Team Leader
Youngjun Shin
Team Leader
Sujin Kim
Team Leader
Jaegeun Nam
Mikyung Jo

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